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Signature Dry Cleaning by Holiday offers a huge array of services to take care of all your garment, house hold item, and service needs. Find out more below how Signature Dry Cleaning by Holiday can take care of you!

Formal Evening Attire

formal_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCWhen it’s time to attend the most eloquent and formal evening events, we can make the crowd stare in awe of your fashion taste that they wish they had. We specialize in processing the most expensive and complex evening attire of today’s fashion world. Don’t let your fashion statement be unseen, don’t let your fear of cleaning your next attire purchase stop you. Get it, wear it, and let us take care of it!

Modern Business Attire

modern_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCWhen you are out on business in cool or warm weather, we keep you looking sharp so your clients know you embrace the highest standards of professionalism.

Party Attire

party_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCYour friends and guests will know you have style that can only look its best when you have your party attire safely and professionally cared for. If it is a night out on the town or a first date, your presentation will make for an evening to remember!

Comforters and Linens

comforters_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCComforterAndLinens2Impress your guest and reward yourself with our hotel quality comforter and bed linen service. You will sleep better, feel great, and truly enjoy your nocturnal experience!

Signature Gown Preservation

SGP2After the wedding, let us preserve your memories by cleaning and preserving your wedding gown with our Signature Gown Preservation service that no one else offers! Not only is your gown insured up to $20,000 while in our possession, we will come to you, pick up your gown, and return it to you at a time and place of your choosing. Our Signature Gown Preservation is guaranteed for 40 years against yellowing or breaking down. Don’t trust anyone else other than Signature Gown Preservation by Holiday to keep your gown perfect for all time.

Wedding Attire

wedding_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCYour special day is coming up where you will profess to the world your love for your mate, make sure to look Bristol fashion in your tuxedo or wedding gown! We will make the groom look delightful and the bride magical with our unique cleaning process that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.

School Uniforms and Laundry

school_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCSchoolUniforms2Your time at home with all the responsibilities that a family can bring is important to us! So why spend time in the evening doing laundry or cleaning your children’s school uniforms? Let us take care of that so you can spend quality time with your family at home!

Band Uniforms

band_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCBand2When your band members NEED to look clean and bright for all to see, we specialize in stain removal such as mud and grass stains that can come from field performances. Volume discounts available!

High End Clothing

HighEnd_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCHighEnd2aWe are experts in cleaning and removing wrinkles from the most expensive upscale garments whether tailor made or high end designer wear, your clothing comes back to you undamaged and ready to impress!

Casual Wear

casual_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCcasual2Even if you and your friends are going casual for a day of fun, we can keep you looking your best and brightest while others notice your style!

Corporate Office Delivery Service

corporate_Holiday_Dry_Cleaners_Charlotte_NCNeed office delivery for all your staff? Corporate and Valet accounts are available in most areas.